Third Party Workflow

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: September 23rd, 2019

Once you have completed building your form, including the third party question groups, and you've built your automatic third party email notification and connected it to the process you can turn the process on and begin to use it.

  1. When the applicant fills out the form they will enter the email address of the third party that will be responding and click Compose Email. The email address that the applicant entered can be changed up until the application has been submitted.
  1. The applicant will compose a message to the third party responder.
  1. When the applicant clicks “Send” their email will be sent to the third party and the automatic email template will be triggered. 
  2. The third party responder will receive both emails, one from the applicant, and the other from the system with the email template containing the link to the questions.
  3. Third party users will now have a "Save Draft" and a "Submit" button. Third party forms will only be considered submitted if the third party user has filled out all required questions and clicks the "Submit" button.
  4. Once a third party form has been submitted, the third party will no longer be able to change responses.
  5. If a third party needs to make changes to the questions in their third party group, administrators can now send third party groups back to draft by using the "Compose Email" button found below the third parties email address on the form in which they are referenced. The administrator must first click the edit icon (pencil), then click the "Compose Email" button, and then send an email to the third party notifying them they can make necessary changes.
  6. If a third party user is assigned multiple third party groups on the same form, all the third party groups to which they are assigned will be sent back as well.
  7. When the questions requiring a third party response have been answered the applicant will be able to see that a response was submitted.
  1. If an administrator makes a third party question required, they will not be able to mark the application complete until that question has been answered by the third party.

NOTE: We strongly suggest you set up processes using Third Party Response in your Sandbox site when first using the feature so you can try out the feature from the perspective of an applicant and a third party.