Steps for Third Party Responder

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: December 5th, 2019

When an applicant is working on their application and they complete a Third Party Request field two emails go out. One email composed and set from the applicant and one email automatically sent from the Foundant system that contains a link to the form that the Third Party needs to complete.

The Third Party should complete all required fields on the form and then select either of the following options at the bottom of the page:

  • If Save as Draft is selected a confirmation page will appear. From the confirmation page the Third Party can continue working on the form by clicking the Continue Editing button in the lower right corner of the page. Or the Third Party can exit the system and return later to continue working on the form.
  • Submit should be selected when all required fields are complete.
    • The Third Party cannot edit responses once the form has been submitted
    • A confirmation page with a “View Completed Responses” button will appear after clicking the Submit button

At any time the Third Party user can access the Third Party Dashboard by clicking the house icon in the upper left hand corner

  • The Third Party Dashboard reflects:
    • All active Third Party requests related to a specific funder
    • The Status of the Third Party request
      • The Red Exclamation icon indicates that the form has not been submitted
      • The Green Checkmark icon indicates that the form has been completed and submitted
    • The name of the Applicant
      • This is the person requesting that the Third Party complete the form
    • The Funder that is offering the scholarship or grant opportunity
    • The Process
      • This is the specific scholarship or grant opportunity offered by the Funder to which the applicant is applying
    • And the Assigned date
      • The date that the request was assigned to the Third Party

  • You can sort the requests by any of the columns by clicking the arrow icon next to the applicable column header.
  • To complete and submit a Third Party request, click “Edit” in far the left column
  • To view a submitted Third Party request, click “View” in the far left column

Please contact Foundation Support with any questions.