Crosstabs in Reports


Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: May 11th, 2018

Crosstabs can be an extremely useful way of seeing the data. In the example below, a crosstab shows the total dollars given within each funding area for each year included in the report.

To create a crosstab, begin by clicking the Crosstab button. You will then need to select the column you want to display across the top of your crosstab (the "Header Values Column") and the column you want to display on the left hand side of your crosstab (the "Label Values Column"). 

  • If you pick a date for either column, you will be asked how you want to group your data (e.g. by day, month, quarter, or year).

Once you have selected the columns you want displayed across the top and left side of the crosstab you need to select what data you want aggregated in each cell of the crosstab. 

  • You can choose to total (sum) or average numeric data like amount awarded. Or you can count how many items fall into each category.

Crosstabs can be exported as Excel, CSV or PDF files. When imported into a spreadsheet, they can be the basis for a chart.

Tip: You can click and drag columns to reorder them to in a crosstab the same way you can in the rest of the report.