Creating Question Branching Forms

Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: February 25th, 2019
  1. In the first question group of your form, add any questions you intend to build question branching rules off of. 
    • Using the Fiscal Sponsor example, build the Fiscal Sponsor radio button question with the response options of Yes or No. 
  2. Now add your question branching group. This will be the group of questions that appear when triggered by the applicant’s response to one of the questions you just added in your first question group. 
  3. Select “Add New Group” at the bottom of the form, and give the question group a name. Click the checkbox next to “Show this Group based on Question Branching Rules”. Then Select Add Group
    • Note that the branching icon identifies any groups that are based on Question Branching.
  4. Next add any questions to this group that are specific to the areas which you are building rules based upon.
    • Please note that shared questions can NOT be added into Question Branching groups.
  5. Once you have the group questions built you can build the question branching rules. These rules determine what responses to the questions in your first question group will make the question branching group visible.
  6. Select the pencil icon to access the “Edit Group” popup.
  7. The rule builder starts out fairly blank with the option to “Add AND Rule” or “Add AND/OR Rule Group”.
    • In this example, you would click on Add AND Rule to create a rule for a Fiscal Sponsor. Once you click on Add AND Rule you will see the Add Rule pop up box.
  8. Next, select the Form Question from the dropdown to which you want to add the rule.
  9. Then, select the appropriate Comparator for the rule and add the response value. The comparator determines how you want to evaluate the response value entered.
    • In the Fiscal Sponsor example, the response value would be Yes and you would want the Comparator to be set at “Equal To”
    • This completed rule “reads”: the Question Branching Group will only be visible when the answer to the question “Do you have a Fiscal Sponsor” is equal to Yes. 
    • You will notice that the Rule Name is automatically populated at the bottom of the box. 
  10. To finalize adding the rule, click Add Rule. You can continue adding rules but keep in mind that when using multiple AND Rules all of the rules must be fulfilled in order for the question branching group to appear.
  11. To create a rule group where all, some, or one of the rules must be fulfilled for the question branching group to appear add an AND/OR Rule Group.
    • Click on the Add AND/OR Rule Group button.
    • Add a rule group name and then select the appropriate operator (AND / OR).
    • In this example, we will use the OR operator. 
    • From within the group, you can add multiple OR rules.
  12. Finally, you may test the Question Branching rules by previewing the form.  We highly recommend that you take this step to ensure your branching rules are set up as intended prior to turning the process on. 
  13. Click the preview button at the top of the page. Answer your form questions one-at-a-time and see if the correct question branching group appears. 
  14. If you find a question group that is not being triggered as it should go back into the form builder and double check your question branching rules.