Eligibility Center: Forms

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: August 27th, 2018

The Eligibility Forms tab can display a list of all Eligibility Forms and the number of Active and Inactive Processes each form is attached to.

  • Please be advised that Active refers to processes that are turned ON and Inactive refers to processes that are turned OFF.
  • To view the specific processes a form is attached to click the Active or  Inactive process number to the right of the applicable form.


This tab  has 2 main purposes:

  • You may edit your eligibility form by clicking the Edit icon to the right of the form
  • You can Reopen any Eligibility Form to allow Applicants to fill out the form again by clicking the Reopen Eligibility icon.
    • Note: Reopening is not the same as retesting. Reopening an Eligibility Form will require an applicant to complete the eligibility form for any process for which that applicant has not yet submitted an LOI or application in order to determine eligibility.
    • Note: If you reopen an Eligibility Form you are reopening it for all applicants. If you only want to reopen an eligibility form for specific applicants you may do so in the  Eligibility Submissions tab.

Checklist for Reopening Eligibility Forms for New Grant Cycles

  • Make sure all previous cycles are turned OFF
  • Check eligibility rules and make any desired updates
  • If the process was copied, make sure to update the Access Code