Adding an Eligibility Quiz to a Process

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: August 28th, 2018

The Eligibility Quiz feature allows administrators to create a form for the initial stage of a single process or for multiple processes to determine eligibility for those processes. Eligibility is determined based on rules attributed to the Eligibility form. Eligibility Quiz is an advanced feature and is available for those with an Advanced Licenses.

  • By default, the Eligibility Quiz feature will be turned off.
    • If you have an advanced license and this feature has not been turned on, please contact support at to have the feature enabled.
    • To discuss upgrading to an advanced license please contact your CSM.

Once the feature has been turned on, in order to add an eligibility form, go to Process Manager and select the process you would like to edit by clicking on the process name.

  • Click on the Eligibility stage and then click on the button labeled Add Eligibility Form:


  • If this is your first eligibility form then you will click on Create New Form. If you already have existing eligibility forms then you can either Create New Form or Add Selected Form.
  • The eligibility form comes with a description group at the top of the form to include a description of the eligibility form and who should be completing the form. For example, there might be a separate form for high school students and one for adults. The description associated with an Eligibility form is similar to a process description.
  • If creating a new form then you will have the following question types to choose from while building the eligibility form:


  • Examples of eligibility questions are:
    • Major or general area of study
    • Gender
    • GPA
    • State or county of residence
    • Race/Ethnicity
    • Extra Curricular Activities
  • Following is an example Eligibility Form:

  • Once an eligibility form has been created for a process then eligibility rules can be added to the form. The rules are attributed by process and, therefore, the same form can be used for multiple processes but the rules for each form can be different.
    • To add rules you must go back to the Update Process page which is accessible by clicking on the name of the process.