Question Types: System Questions


Written by Brita Whisler

Last published at: February 25th, 2019

On the Decision and Installment forms you will see also see System Questions. These are default fields that typically are only used to add a field that was previously removed. 

On the Decision Forms;  

  • Amount Awarded and Award Type will automatically appear on the form. If you do delete these questions and need it to be added back to the form you can do it from here. 

  • The Decision Comments will sync with the Comments section of the request summary. If you choose to add in this field, the text entered here upon the decision form being completed will also be added to the Comments section of the Request Summary.

    • You may choose not to add this field, and simply add Decision Comments from the Comments tab of the Request Summary.

 On the Instalment Forms; 

  • Installment Amount and Installment Conditions will automatically appear on the form. If you do choose to delete these fields, they can be added back from here.