Differences between an ON process and an OFF process

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: May 8th, 2018

Active Processes (Turned On)

  • Show up on the apply page, even if the Grant End Date has passed. (New applications cannot be started if the end date has passed.)
  • Public processes show to all applicants.
  • Restricted processes show to applicants after they enter the access code.
  • New grants can be started.
  • If the process contains a Start and End Date new grants can be started in that time frame.
  • Internal processes are not visible to applicants but must be turned on for internal use/manual grant entry.

Deactivated Processes (Turned Off)

  • Not visible on the apply page.
  • No new grants can be started.
  • Forms in draft, that were started when the process was turned on, can be edited and submitted.
  • Grants already submitted can continue through the process stages.
  • Can be archived.