Building Email Templates

Written by Hanna Smith

Last published at: December 6th, 2018

The Email Template tool allows administrators to build email templates which can be manually sent or automatically sent in response to a specified event.

Follow these steps to build a new email template:

1. Click on the “Email Templates” link under Communications in the navigation menu.

2. To build a new template click on the 'Add New Template' button. NOTE: To send an email "on-the-fly" click the 'Send (No Template)' Button.

3. Fill out the following fields:

  • Template Name - The name administrators will choose in a list of templates.
  • From (Reply To) - This will be the email address applicants reply back to.
  • CC & BCC - This can be used to CC an administrator within your Foundation, or select the Copy Organization Primary Contact checkbox to CC the organization's primary contact.
  • Subject - Subject of the email.
  • Plain Text Body - The body of the email.

4. Click on the Email Notification Events tab, to reveal the event type options:

  • None
  • Applicant Assigned: sent to Applicant when a form is assigned to them (i.e. when an LOI is approved).
  • Evaluation Assigned: sent to Evaluators when they are assigned a form.
  • Applicant Submission Verification: sent to Applicant after Applicant submits a form.
  • Administrator Site Activity: sent to each selected Administrator when a form is submitted.
  • Follow Up Reminder: sent to Applicant 14 days before the due date on their follow up (contact to change the 14 days timeframe for all reminders).
  • Third Party Assigned: Sent to third parties when an applicant clicks the 'Send Email' button for a third party email.

5. Select the appropriate event type, if applicable.

6. Click Create Email Template.

The template will now appear on your Email Templates page.