Request Status Updates and Visibility


Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: January 8th, 2019

When a request has been submitted and is under consideration, the applicant will see the decision status of “Undecided” on their dashboard. Once a request has been Approved or Denied, the applicable decision status will appear on the applicant’s dashboard after the preset delay time period has passed.

  • For example: If the decision status is set to a 30 day delay, an award approved on June 1 will appear as “Undecided” until July 1, at which time the decision status will update to Approved.
  • If the award is denied, the status will appear and the request will move to the Historic Request tab after the delay time period has passed.

  • By default, the decision status delay is 365 days based on the decision date but it is very common to set the delay to 14 or 30 days. 
    • The delay can be set to any number of days by contacting support. 

You will also have the ability to show the applicant decision details by having the Enable Details link on Applicant Dashboard feature turned on. 

  • Turning on this feature will make a View Details button appear next to the Decision Status. 
  • View Details reflects a modified version of the Request Summary page, where they can view the Award Details tab which includes installment and payment information.

  • This is a site-wide feature and will affect all requests within your site. It can not be turned on for some processes and off for others
  • This can be edited from the Settings page by selecting the gear icon at the top of any page.