Copy Functionality: Admin Workflow

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: October 22nd, 2019

Choose “Administrators” in the “Edit Process Summary” for both the process you are copying from, and the process you are copying into.

  • Locate a request by searching from Requests & Decisions, Organizations, Users or any workload page.
  • Click on the Project Name to access the Request Summary Page.
  • Select “Copy Request” in the upper right.
  • The table that pops up shows a list of Processes this Request can be copied into.
  • Note: You can copy into the process that this request currently resides in, but you would likely pick an alternate request to copy into.
  • You can see the number of total questions and the number of matching answers.
    • Note: if the numbers do not match it is because the process being copied into has some questions that differ from the other process.
    • Note: Answers to Upload type questions do copy into another request as long as the process being copied into was copied from another process containing the exact same upload type question.
  • You can also see the process start and end date if you have set them in the  Process Summary
    • As an administrator the process DOES NOT have to be toggled ON in order to copy into it.
  • Select Initial Status for the newly created request
    • By selecting Draft, the request will reside in the draft status and you will likely need to notify the applicant that they will need to log into GLM, finish filling out the form, and “Submit” the form back to you.
    • By selecting Submitted, the request will reside in the submitted status and you, as the administrator, can mark it complete and move the request to the next stage in the process.
      • Note: Requests copied into the submitted status will be visible to the applicant on their dashboard. The applicant will see the “View Form” option on their dashboard but they will not be able to edit the answers.
  • Once the status is selected, click OK
    • A pop-up box will appear. Clicking 'Confirm and Copy' will copy the matching answers  to the selected process(es).
    • Select Confirm and Copy
      • A popup stating the “Request Successfully Copied” appears.
      • If you would like to send an email to the Applicant of this Request, click the 'Email Applicant' button below, otherwise click 'Close'
    • Remember: You will need to communicate with the applicant to notify them that they have a “draft” form on their dashboard.
      • Email Applicant allows you to quickly and easily email the to the applicant.
  • The newly created request will be located in its respective workload page.
    • For example: this request was set as “draft” and now resides in the “Application Draft” workload page.
    • You may need to access the request in order to change the project name if necessary.
  • The applicant can now log in to see the request on their dashboard.
    • They can edit/add answers and submit it back to your organization