Paging on Workload Pages


Written by Lauren Neulinger

Last published at: July 19th, 2019

If Custom Columns are enabled in your site, you may also enable Paging. This allows you to choose the number of items (i.e. requests, Follow Up forms, etc.) to display by default on a workload page. If you receive a high volume of requests, setting a smaller default may help your workload pages load more quickly.

At the bottom of any workload page where Custom Columns are available, click the drop down to choose the number of items to display on the page. You may choose 50, 100, 250, 500, or All items.

As in the image below, if there are more total items than the number you are viewing, you may use the arrows to view additional page(s) of items.

The highlighted arrows below will move you forward or back by a single page: 

The highlighted arrows below will move you back to the first page, or forward to the last page:  

Note that the Quick Search bar will only search the data on the current page. 

The system will remember the display that each user chooses on each page. 

For example, Administrator A may choose to display 100 requests on the Application Draft page. The system will default to showing 100 requests each time Administrator A navigates to that page. 

If Administrator B prefers to display 50 requests on the Application Draft page, that is the default that Administrator B will see on that page each time, and this will not affect Administrator A's view. 

To enable Paging, please contact Foundant Support. Note that this feature is available with the Standard license level and above.