Process-User Assignment Overview

Written by Reina Gallion

Last published at: October 23rd, 2018

The Grants Manager Assignment feature allows administrators to assign users with the Grants Manager role to a Processes and/or specific Requests.  

  • To use this feature, you must also have the Grants Manager role turned on in your site. Please contact support at to have the role enabled.

To assign a Grants Manager to a entire process, go to the Process Manager page and select the process you would like to assign Grants Manager to by clicking on the process name.

  • Select the Assign Users button in the upper right hand side of your screen.

  • This will show you a list of all Grants Managers within your site. You can you deselect any person who you do not want to have access to view requests within the process. 

    • By default, all Grants Managers will have access to view all processes until they are unassigned from particular processes.

  • Once your selections are complete, click the blue Save Assignments button.

You can complete these steps for as many processes as you would like to unassign Grants Managers from. 

Please note that if you copy a process, the new process will not maintain the original process user assignments.

To assign a Grants Manager to a specific request, access the Request Summary of the Request you would like to assign Grants Managers to, and select Assign Users. 

  • Complete all of the above steps for assigning a Grants Manager to a Process. 

There are a few exceptions to when Grants Managers are able to see requests that they are not assigned to. 

  • On the User Summary page, Grants Managers will see all of a users requests even those which they are not assigned to. However, they will not be able to navigate into the requests if it is not assigned to them.

    • For this reason you need to be careful about using process-user assignments to provide privacy on your site. 

  • Grants Managers who are also evaluators will be able to see requests they are specifically assigned to review, even if they have not been assigned to the request.

Lastly you can decide if you would like Grants Managers to only be able to view the requests they have been assigned, or if they can filter between their assigned requests and all requests in the system.  

  • This is a site wide setting that will affect all Grants Managers in your system. 

  • If you choose to let your Grants Managers filter between their assigned requests and all requests, this option will appear at the top of their dashboard